Clarice Cliff Bizarre, art-deco Tea pot and cream jug  c1920s 

A silver-plated Russian icon 

Whiterfriars glass vase designed by Geoffrey Baxter 

Sasha Wardell, fine bone china vase and beaker contemporary 

An antique french bronze groupfigure of a nude nymph riding Satyr 

on a wooden base; 53cm high

signed Clodion  

An art nouveau claret jug in the style of WMF

Royal Doulton flambe animals 

A Mamod steam engine car model, in working order !

mamod steam engine car model for sale at eclectic antiques brighton hove

A bronze bust of a female

signed Loudan 1973 Madrid; 36cm high  

An early Blickensderfer typewriter      sold

eclectic antiques in brighton

An antique Russian imperial ornament, 

of a ruby glass egg on a gilded brass eagle holding a snake in his mouth

inscribed with a monogram,  the imperial crown and a phoenix on the other side .

23cm high 

A grand pair of solid marble columns

117cm high                              sold

A Victorian top hat 19th c.                  sold

Antique wooden half propeller mounted on a matching base; 178cm high          sold

antique propeller for sale at eclectic shop hove

An Art Deco ornament 

Bronze cranes on assmenbled marbles base  

Antique Royal Doulton umbrella stand / tall vase                                                                      sold

Bronze after the antiquity of Hecules fighting a snake                                                         sold

A bronze figure after Lady of Elche on a marble base 

20th c. 23cm high

An unusual art deco model of metal birds ,horn and marble base

51 cm high                                                  sold

A pair of Edwardian starling silver candlesticks

stamped Birmingham 1910                      sold

A pair of aesthetic neo-gothic candelabras          sold
antiques in brighton

An antiquetall decorated Japanese vase

early 20th century ; 58cm high

antiques in brighton

An antique Chinese bronze

Tiger of fortune

19th century; 24cm long  X 13cm high  sold

antiques in brighton

An early 20th century metal bust of Nefertiti 

23cm high                                      sold

antiques in brighton

Two pairs of solid marble tall obelisks       sold

antiques in brighton

A 19th c. metal figure of a knight on a horse 

20cm high                                          sold

antiques in brighton

A Staffordshire Agateware set 

early 18th century

antiques in brighton eclectic shop

  Chinese Blanc-de-Chine group figure 20th c.

antiques in brighton eclectic shop

A Chinese Plique-A-Jour glass cloisonne vase 

20th c.  

antiques in brighton

An early 20th c. Austrian cold painted bronze figure of a spaniel on an onyx bowl tray 

antiques in brighton eclectic shop

Two Royal Worcester bone china parrots figures                                                                  sold

antiques in brighton eclectic shop

A vintage Yare dragon                     sold

antiques in brighton eclectic shop

A brass casket by Leuchars Piccadilly- make to HRH Prince of Wales 

late 19th c. signed                      sold

A multi-colour Isle-of-Wight art glass studio bowl by Timothy Harris;  4" high, signed      sold

Isle-of-wight studio glass bowl by Timothy Harris

An Okra studio art glass vase by Richard Golding; 8.5" high ,signed        sold

Okra studio glass vase by Richard Golding

A beautiful Isle-of-Wight studio glass rectangular floral vase; 4" high              sold

Isle of Wight studio glass vase at antiques in Brighton

An Art-Deco silvered spelter figure of a dancing ady on a marble base . 

45cm high c1930's                                              sold

A 1920's gilt bronze replica of the Schneider Trophy                                                                     sold

A tall bronze figure on marble base after Melodie by Albert Ernest Carrier-Belleuse;

86cm high; 20th century 

A large antique cast brass deer figure 

68cm high , early 20th century                   sold

A giant brass Buddha!

102cm high , 20th c.                                        sold

giant brass buddha at antiques hove brighton

Two modern Lalique frosted glass perfume bottles. 18cm and 13cm high                        sold

A pair of Meiji period antique Imari porcelain vases; 40cm high                                                                                                                                                    sold

An intricate Cairo-wear Islamic copper plate with silver inlay; 30cm diameter probably early 20th C.                                                                    sold

A late 19th C. Masons lidded vase with blue and white Willow pattern; 50cm high                   sold

A pair of late 19th C. Staffordshire pottery pugs; 30cm high                                                            sold

A pair of Japanese Meiji period, brown patinated bronze vases; c1900's , 31cm high                                                                                            sold

A Chinese cast bronze figure of a running horse 20th C.  55cm high , 67cm wide                      sold

A continental majolica vase with two mask handles and fruiting garland decoration, 25.7cm high                                                                        sold

A large continental art glass vase; 20th c. 40cm high                                                                          sold

A pair of antique gilt metal decorative ewers,

continental , circa 1900's, 45cm high             sold

A spelter metalbust of a young lady 

French , late 19th c. , 39cm high 

An antique carved alabaster ornamental birds bath,  Victorian, late 19th c. 25cm high         sold

Marble figures of saint Paul and saint Peter
continental, 19th century  

A antique majolica nautilus cornucopia piercd vase

An art-nouveau silver-plated ink-well by Kayser Germany with a seated figure holding a skull or Hamlet by Shakespeare.


'Bergmann' cold painted bronze figure of an Afro- Arab soldier preying.
Austrian c1900's

A fine burr walnut antique humidor chest


A Swedish 830 silver oval box


An old white glazed pottery dog figure      sold

An antique bronze figure of an Indian deity 


A bronze horse model on a marble plinth     sold

A Sterling Silver coffee jug by Hilckenton & Sydal; Sheffield 1918; 9"high; 15.85Oz


Two Russian bust-figures of WW2 heroesMarshal Rokossovsky and General Zhukov

An silver plated horse hoof inkwell   


A wooden figure.

possibly African-Christian burial figure 

A life-size coated-terracotta head-figure of an unknown gent


A silver condiment set. c1912


19th century marble statue of a veiled lady


Rococo style, silver-plated centerpiece table sitting Mirror.

French c1900's  


Antique Turkish Ottoman Blunderbuss pistol                                                                                         sold

An Islamic metal vessel                                     sold

A pair of fine Sitzendorf porcelain, floral and figurines, five lights candelabras.

German, mid/ late 19th century.       

A studio bulbous glass vase by Norman Stuart Clarke, Cornwall  

5"/ 13cm high                                                     sold

A white metal figure of Sino-Tibetian goddess figure with multiple hands. 22cm high


A fine pair of green marble and ormolu lidded urns.

mid 20th c.  34cm high        


A large bust figure of a girl

solid and heavy composition

late 20th c.


Sterling silver and crystal glass candlesticks 16cm high                                    


sterling silver and glass candlesticks for sale at the eclectic shop Brighton Hove

A good quality hard stone marble and brass candlesticks; 40cm high


An Orivit pewter swing frame dressing table mirror

early 20th c. Germany


Taxidermy Fox                                                      sold

A pair of sterling silver sauce boats. c1931


An Edwardian Dollond telescope


Russian iron group figure


A sterling silver pedestal bowl